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Update 5/30

By LasersHurt

It's been about a week, so it's surely time for another brief update from the CureCoin team. Here's how we're hanging:

Community News

On the forum, there's a new section called "Marketing." Users are putting together information to help spread information about CureCoin's merits.

One such effort is a fundraiser to send a CureCoin delegation to a booth at The North American Bitcoin Conference's 2014 conference in Chicago on July 19th & 20th. Check this out, as it's a great opportunity to get the CureCoin word out to a lot of valuable people. If you can, donate a little bit to the fundraiser to help us get there.

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Language Bounties

Come out and play, Translators, as it's time for us to step up our efforts for our international visitors. We're putting out a bounty in the name of good communication!

You may have noticed that there is now a Google Translate feature on each page - this is good, but not perfect. To go the extra mile, we need fluent, native translations of our key languages. The plan is to start with the most important documents:

What is CureCoin?
How do I start folding for CureCoin?
How is the Currency divided up?
Link Titles in the Knowledge Base

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CureCoin World-Wide

By LasersHurt

In just the first few days of the website, we're beginning to see interesting trends. I wanted to share something that stood out:

Map of Hits by Country
A Map showing unique website hits, by Country (click to enlarge)

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Donate CureCoin to the CureCoin project.

Our goal with this fund is to get registered as a 501(c)3 Charity, fund our Social-Media promos like giveaways, website, forum and IRC maintenance.


* 60% Donated CureCoins go to Antibiotic Research UK
World's first charity to fight Antibiotic Resistance.
Learn More on the ANTRUK homepage.
* 40% Donated CureCoins go to Bonfils Blood Center
Part of national Blood Systems, Inc. providing a safe & adequate blood supply along with transfusion research.
Learn More on the Bonfils Blood Center homepage.


Donate CureCoin to ThumbsUp International

Experiencing life's promise by matching abled bodied and adaptive athletes to compete in swim, bike, run and triathlon events.

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