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The Big Picture

CureCoins go to three main areas: Folders, Miners, and Developers. The folders will get 76% of the total coins (or 80% of the coins distributed per day - see "Day to Day" for more info). SHA256 miners get 19% of the total coins (or 20% of the coins distributed per day). 2% of the total funds are distributed to people who donated to project development. The other 3% is dedicated to Curecoin developers, and will be used for paying for development costs (such as hiring professional programmers, paying for infrastructure, etc.), and for giving back to the community (folding hardware giveaways, faucets, covering 0% mining pools, etc.). In total, this means that 5% of the total CureCoin mintage is reserved, and the rest is distributed daily to network members.

Day to Day

So how many CURE is your folding equipment earning? Each day our "Protein Folding Team Members", as a whole, receive 7488 CureCoins to be divided amongst them proportionally. This means that each folder receives (FolderPPD / TeamPPD) * 7488 CureCoins.

Some examples:

Folder PPDTotal Team PPD
10,00074.88 CUR7.488 CUR.7488 CUR.14976 CUR.07488 CUR
100,000748.8 CUR74.88 CUR7.488 CUR1.4976 CUR.7488 CUR
500,0003744 CUR374.4 CUR37.44 CUR7.488 CUR3.744 CUR
1,000,0007488 CUR748.8 CUR74.88 CUR14.976 CUR7.488 CUR
10,000,000N/A7488 CUR748.8 CUR149.76 CUR74.88 CUR

You can estimate your earnings (Use the "24hr Avg" from the stats at the top for a very rough estimate, or click through and use the last full day's 24-hour stats for more accuracy):

(YourPPD / TeamPPD) * 7488

To determine daily folding cost; include your equipment's power consumption, hardware depreciation & maintenance:
Start by multiplying the following: Equipment's total Thermal Design Power (TDP) * cost of local utility kWh rate * 24 hours (alternatively use a Kill-a-Watt meter to determine specific power usage). Add depreciation costs for your computer equipment based on a depreciation curve (use example in: Depre123 or similar). Then don't forget to include your personal time maintaining your rig(s) since the average US pay rate for a System's Administrator/Technician is $22/hour.

The remaining 20% of Daily Coin goes to our miners. Those coins are mined via SHA-256 in 13-CureCoin blocks (see pie chart at the top of this page).

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Best Practices

Donate CureCoin to the Folding @ Home project and help us support Pande Labs at Stanford.

See what donations will be used for at Stanford's website.

2384.8172 CURE

Donate CureCoin to the CureCoin project.

Our goal with this fund is to get registered as a 501(c)3 Charity, fund our Social-Media promos like giveaways, website, forum and IRC maintenance.


* 60% Donated CureCoins go to Antibiotic Research UK
World's first charity to fight Antibiotic Resistance.
Learn More on the ANTRUK homepage.
* 40% Donated CureCoins go to Bonfils Blood Center
Part of national Blood Systems, Inc. providing a safe & adequate blood supply along with transfusion research.
Learn More on the Bonfils Blood Center homepage.


Donate CureCoin to ThumbsUp International

Experiencing life's promise by matching abled bodied and adaptive athletes to compete in swim, bike, run and triathlon events.

Learn More on the ThumbsUp International homepage.


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