The Cure for the Common CryptoCurrency

CureCoin is a CryptoCurrency based on coupling SHA-256 Mining and [email protected] Protein Folding.

Learn about CureCoin, a powerful new way to create a CryptoCurrency.

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Use your CPUs & GPUs to Fold Proteins for Stanford's [email protected] program, earning CureCoins.
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Use SHA-256 ASIC hardware to Mine CureCoin and secure the blockchain for everyone.
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10k of the 30k CureCoins for sale at bittrex for FAH has sold at 6k sats = .5985 btc after their .25% fee. btc exchange when completed was at 228.2, comes out to 136.47$ (I made it an even 137$) to donate to Folding @ Home with much more to come! This brings the total amount of USD donated to Pande Lab's servers to ~5,200$ since CureCoin has been underway. Keep your eyes open on the exchanges as more coins are set to sell for the donations to Folding @ Home there will be many more placed for sale. Great job to all the folders making this possible! 



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Donate CureCoin to the Folding @ Home project and help us support Pande Labs at Stanford.

See what donations will be used for at Stanford's website.

2384.8172 CURE

Donate CureCoin to the CureCoin project.

Our goal with this fund is to get registered as a 501(c)3 Charity, fund our Social-Media promos like giveaways, website, forum and IRC maintenance.


* 60% Donated CureCoins go to Antibiotic Research UK
World's first charity to fight Antibiotic Resistance.
Learn More on the ANTRUK homepage.
* 40% Donated CureCoins go to Bonfils Blood Center
Part of national Blood Systems, Inc. providing a safe & adequate blood supply along with transfusion research.
Learn More on the Bonfils Blood Center homepage.

502.00 CURE

Donate CureCoin to ThumbsUp International

Experiencing life's promise by matching abled bodied and adaptive athletes to compete in swim, bike, run and triathlon events.

Learn More on the ThumbsUp International homepage.

256.29668 CURE

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CureCoin_Team Stanford University 1-Cent "Lab On A Chip" Could Revolutionize Medical Diagnosis via @curiositydotcom
CureCoin_Team RT @Poloniex: 1/3 IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to the widespread impact of Cloudflare's recently-discovered parser bug #cloudbleed
CureCoin_Team @Aurum420 @gambinifra @foldingathome Aurum, following these steps to earn 4 different coins 4 same amount of folding

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