The Cure for the Common CryptoCurrency

CureCoin is a CryptoCurrency based on coupling SHA-256 Mining and Folding@Home Protein Folding.

Learn about CureCoin, a powerful new way to create a CryptoCurrency.

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Use your CPUs & GPUs to Fold Proteins for Stanford's Folding@Home program, earning CureCoins.
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Use SHA-256 ASIC hardware to Mine CureCoin and secure the blockchain for everyone.
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Windows (Portable)

Mirror 1  (USA)
Mirror 2  (USA)
Mirror 3  (Europe)

Windows (Installer)

Mirror 1  (USA)
Mirror 2  (USA)
Mirror 3  (Europe)


Mirror 1  (USA)
Mirror 2  (USA)
Mirror 3  (Europe)
Utah State Mirror (USA)


GitHub - Source and pre-built packages available

Source Code

GitHub Source

Donate CureCoin to the Folding @ Home project and help us support Pande Labs at Stanford.

See what donations will be used for at Stanford's website.

106187.09 CURE

Donate CureCoin to the CureCoin project.

Donations support Curecoin social-media promos like giveaways, website, forum and IRC maintenance.

189.3 CURE

Donate CureCoin to Tracy Zarkpa/Daniel Bloch Ebola Fight

Donation will be sent to The U-Foundation in Monrovia Liberia

673.60 CURE

Donate CureCoin to Start an Endometriosis Pilot Study

"Endo" is linked to protein mis-folding. Research indicates 170 million women world-wide suffer related pain and infertility. New studies requires more than computational power. Stanford needs manpower to analyze computational results & conduct experiments.
See: Pilot Study Description for more information.

139295.13 CURE

CureCoin on Twitter

CureCoin_Team RT @IvanTumaJr: Join @CureCoin_Team & Others Who Contribute PC Power to #Antidepressant & #Depression Research http:…
CureCoin_Team @CureCoin_Team read the blog, its classified top secret for now. #blowyourmind it will give a glance at a prodigy in the making. #findit Bam
CureCoin_Team @CureCoin_Team set to be the #IoT Take a look at curecoin.folding.wtfe #mastersmind #vorksholk has done, #mindblown
CureCoin_Team @CureCoin_Team 2.0 regarded as the most secure digital currency written from scratch via @CureCoin_Team #quantum #Resistance Look into it :)

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All website content is provided for CureCoin enthusiasts only. Folding@Home is not affiliated with CureCoin in any official capacity, and is the property of Pande Labs and Stanford University.

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