The Cure for the Common CryptoCurrency

CureCoin is a CryptoCurrency based on coupling SHA-256 Mining and [email protected] Protein Folding.

Learn about CureCoin, a powerful new way to create a CryptoCurrency.

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Use your CPUs & GPUs to Fold Proteins for Stanford's [email protected] program, earning CureCoins.
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Use SHA-256 ASIC hardware to Mine CureCoin and secure the blockchain for everyone.
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Linux / Source

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Donate CureCoin to the Folding @ Home project and help us support Pande Labs at Stanford.

See what donations will be used for at Stanford's website.

157.9998 CURE

Donate CureCoin to the CureCoin project.

Our goal with this fund is to get registered as a 501(c)3 Charity, fund our Social-Media promos like giveaways, website, forum and IRC maintenance.

24231 CURE

Donate CureCoin to Antibiotic Research UK (ANTRUK)

ANTRUK is the world’s first charity created to develop new antibiotics to fight Antimicrobial Resistance. Antibiotic resistance is becoming exponential on a global scale.

Learn More on the ANTRUK homepage.

15117. CURE

Donate CureCoin to Bonfils Blood Center

Support Colorado's most venerable blood center providing safe and adequate blood supply for patients. Bonfils is home to a research laboratory examining the effects of blood transfusion on the immune system.

Learn More on the Bonfils Blood Center homepage.

15000 CURE

CureCoin on Twitter

CureCoin_Team RT @dianefrancis1: Watch This Amazing 3D Bioprinter Make Artificial Bones From Scratch
CureCoin_Team RT @scifeeds: Antibiotics weaken Alzheimer’s disease progression through changes in the gut microbiome
CureCoin_Team RT @AmandaHaddock: #PokemonGO players doing good deeds - already 52,000 retweets!
CureCoin_Team @CatchEmAlI AWESOME! While out dropping #PokemonGO lures, your idle PC can assist #cancer research + earn #curecoin:

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